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[eclipse-dev] Branching the 2.1 stream

Hi teams,

Although no firm dates or plans have been speculated for a 2.1.1 release I think it would be naive to pretend there will not be one.

Unlike 2.0 where the RelEng team branched all the CVS projects using a bogus name for the branch we will do better this time.

1) I think each individual team should branch their own code from 2.1 when they actually have code that needs to go into a 2.1.1 release.  This will let us see who has 2.1.1 code.
2) The name of the branch should be

(The mistake we made last time was calling the branch R2_0_1.  This was fine for 2.0.1 development but looked really odd for 2.0.2 development <g>)

If anybody has any comments or dissenting opinions please let us know.



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