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[eclipse-dev] next integration build 14:00 EST today (Wed.)

We've updated the Eclipse 2.1 End Game Plan:

Wednesday March 26, 2003 Status: Leading up to the RC4 build tomorrow 
(Thursday), there will be another integration build today at 14:00 EST to 
incorporate the latest doc and perhaps another critical fix. All the doc 
will be in place for this build, which gives us a chance to review 
everything in packaged form. Once this build is available, we'll be asking 
for volunteers to help review the doc this one last time.

The primary focus of the teams this week is on doc and getting things 
ready for the official release at the end of next week. We also expect to 
address a small handful of stop ship defects with release candidate 4 
(RC4). We need to be extraordinarily careful at this late stage when we 
make any code changes. For this reason, each fix requires the component 
lead plus two other component leads to approve all non-doc work on a 
component. In addition, any component lead can veto a change (with cause). 
All changes require an associated bug report tagged with target milestone 
"2.1 RC4" that includes a risk assessment and supporting approvals. 
Ongoing changes to component documentation do not require special 
approval. As always, please report all problems, and flag any serious ones 
deserving of immediate attention.

Complete details on the end game plan can be found at

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