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[eclipse-dev] RC3a available for testing

Further to Dean's note, we've updated the Eclipse 2.1 End Game Plan to
clarify the final week's activities:

Friday March 21, 2003 Status: There is now an improved release candidate 3
called RC3a. The current test pass that began yesterday will continue
through today (Friday) on RC3a. Please download RC3a and test with it
rather than with yesterday's RC3.

Next week, the primary focus of the teams will be on doc and getting things
ready for the official release at the end of next week. We also expect to
address a small handful of stop ship defects with release candidate 4
(RC4). We need to be extraordinarily careful at this late stage when we
make any code changes. For this reason, each fix requires the component
lead plus two other component leads to approve all non-doc work on a
component. In addition, any component lead can veto a change (with cause).
All changes require an associated bug report tagged with target milestone
"2.1 RC4" that includes a risk assessment and supporting approvals. Ongoing
changes to component documentation do not require special approval.

Further details and daily updates to the end game plan can be found at

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RC3a is now available at:

Please use this drop for today's test pass.  All automated tests passed
except a few JDT Debug tests which are experiencing intermittent failures.
The JDT debug team is investigating these problems but they do not impact
the usability or testability of the drop.


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