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[eclipse-dev] RC3 declared

Last nights integration build (I20030319) has been declared stable and has been promoted to Stable Build RC3.  Teams please start your test passes using this build.  If you have previously downloaded I20030319 there is no need to download RC3.  They are the same files.

There where automated test failures in the I20030319  build but we have investigated all of them and have determined they do not impact the usability or testability of RC3 so please go ahead and start your test pass.

For those that are interested,  here is a summary of our findings

I20030318 Build

1) JDT-UI Out of Memory Errors reported in I20030318 appear under IBM 1.3.1 SR2 VM but go away under Sun 1.4.1 VM.  They also go way under IBM 1.3.1 SR2 if JIT is disabled for 2 methods.  This is a VM problem related to JIT that Daniel has talked about previously on this list.

RC3 Build (I20030319 )

1) org.eclipse.core.tests
        This is a real bug in core.  Since this bug is not a stop ship for 2.1 the automated test has been removed.  The bug will remain open and will be investigated post 2.1.  The bug effects the area of plug-in activation in some circumstances.  The bug can be found at:

2) org.eclipse.jdt.core.tests.model
        This was an invalid test that displayed VM dependant behaviour.  The test itself has been fixed.

3) org.eclipse.jdt.debug.tests
        These where invalid tests.   Debug breakpoint behaviour was recently modified but the tests where not updated.  Thus the tests where expecting old behaviour.  These tests are being re-written.

4) org.eclipse.releng.tests
        A translation error does exist but since RC3 is not a deliverable for translation this error can be ignored for now.  The error is fixed and will be included in the next build.

5) org.eclipse.jdt.ui.tests
        There are 2 new errors in jdt-ui that are really caused by jdt-core.  These errors involve the indexer but the team believes they are very unlikely to surface in real use case or in manual test scenarios.  As such they do not effect the RC3 test pass.  The jdt-core team is investigating the problem and will hopefully have a fix for RC4.

In summary, RC3 is ready for the test pass to begin.

If you have any questions please let us know and we will try to answer them.


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