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[eclipse-dev] RC3 Build Info

Hello folks,

After the planning meeting it was determined there will be a rebuild today before declaring RC3.  The rebuild will include the following:

SWT                1 Fixes
JDT/Compare        2 Fixes        (Already in)
PDE                4 Fixes
JDT-Core        1 Fix        (Already in)
Help                Investigate Test Hang

SWT and PDE will announce to this list once their fixes are in and we will proceed as soon as we have all the fixes.  However, there is a 2pm cut off.

As you have seen from Sonia's earlier message we have a lead on the Help automated test hang and will hopefully resolve this before the rebuild.  As well, the RelEng team will remove the cvsktag test and the chkpii checking of the doc directories for the rebuild.  Neither of these tests are a requirement for RC3.  These tests will be reinstated after the build.

Finally, once RC3 is declared we will resume regular Nightly builds.  Although the code is locked down, this will allow us to track documentation changes.  An integration build schedule will come out soon.


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