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Re: [eclipse-dev] Automated test results delayed

It is not clear why help tests failed again.  I cannot reproduce the
failures.  Not to report unnecessary failures and delay builds at the end
of our release cycle, I have commented out these tests.

For the current build, please ignore the failures.  They do not diminish
the value of the build.

Konrad Kolosowski
Eclipse Help System

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                      03/19/2003 08:15                                                                                                  
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Hi folks,

The automated test results are delayed again.

When I came in this morning the Windows Help tests where "paused" with an
open window.  Manually closing the window has resumed the tests.  They will
be posted as soon as they are available.  I anticipate about 90 minutes.
However, the build is available for you to start your sniff tests on at:

While this is not very informative, here is a screen shot of the state of
the Windows test machine when I got in.  I also included a screen shot
showing version info for IE on that computer.  The colour shift is not
important.  Just downsizing the colour depth of the screen capture.

Let me know if I can provide any more info.


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Konrad Kolosowski
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