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[eclipse-dev] I encourage all teams to use the RelEng plug-in when releasing to the build

The recent build failure due to an invalid tag in the map file could have been avoided by using either versions on the RelEng plug-in.

I strongly recommend that everybody releasing build input use one of these versions.  They have both been available for several months now.

"Tag and Release Action"  adds a "Release..." action to the context menu which tags a project in the repository AND updates the *.map file appropriately.

"Map File Validator" is a builder that checks that all tags referenced in a *.map file actually exist in the repository.  The builder is run automatically every time a *.map file is changed.

You can only have one or the other loaded at the same time since they are just different versions of the same plug-in.  They can be found on the RelEng developers resources page at:

If you have any problems with them please let me know.


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