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[eclipse-dev] Late breaking changes for key binding categories and text editor scope

We are making some late-breaking changes to add categories for the key bindings, as shown in the Workbench > Keys preference page.
This affects all components that contribute commands, although the changes affect only the plugin.xml files, not code.
Specifying categories does require switching from the org.eclipse.ui.actionDefinitions extension point and related extension points to the org.eclipse.ui.commands extension point (the old extension points are deprecated).  See the extension point documentation for more details.

In addition, we have introduced a "Text Editor" scope for the editor commands, to avoid possible conflicts between the text editor and global commands, and to allow other editors to have different bindings than the text editor.  For example, Ctrl+B is bound to Build but a WYSIWYG editor may want to bind Ctrl+B to Bold.  With scopes, this is possible.
The Java editor has also introduced a "Java Editor" scope.  These changes affect only the editors, not all components.  The code changes are minimal: setting a scope on the key binding service when the editor is created.

Although the changes for both of these are straightforward, they do push on code that has not been extensively tested.
We are making a concerted effort to stress-test this area in the days remaining for 2.1.
The community's help would be appreciated in reporting any problems seen in the area of key bindings.

If you have any questions about the implementation aspects of key bindings, please post to the platform-ui-dev mailing list rather than eclipse-dev.


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