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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse 2.0.2 CVS question

I am looking into using Eclipse as my ide, but am having difficulty with keeping my directory structure on my file system and on cvs as it is now. I currently have my directory structure set up using the version of the app such as:



I can then easily go between different versions of the app (in case a production bug needs to be fixed, I have the code already on my machine still connected to its appropriate branch in cvs) and I am not able to recreate this using Eclipse since I can not have the same Eclipse project name even if it is in a separate directory. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Does checking in the Eclipse project file and then versioning that file (upon release of the version of the app) give you the ability to check out a project by version? Will checking out a versioned project file check out all of the files associated with that project, thus eliminating my desire to store the projects in 'version' directories on my local machine?

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