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Re: [eclipse-dev] Integration build Tomorrow morning at 8:00

Any special copyright for non java code ? (like native C code)

Christophe Elek (Platform Update Core)
IBM Canada Ltd.

(905) 413-3467

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             Sent by:                  eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx             
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             03/11/2003                                            Subject 
             01:59 PM                  [eclipse-dev] Integration build     
                                       Tomorrow morning at 8:00            
             Please respond                                                
             to eclipse-dev                                                

There will be an RC3 integration build tomorrow at 08:00 EST.  Build
schedules for additional builds will be announced tomorrow.

Please remember that all these copyright changes have been released to HEAD
and have not been released to the *.map files.  Teams are responsible for
releasing the code to the integration build.

Basically I would expect every entry in the *.map file to change for
tomorrow's build.


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