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Re: [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build I20030307 (Timestamp: 200303071024):Automated JUnit Testing complete. All tests pass

Good to go for RC2 from Platform UI.

There are some issues with decorators that need to be fixed for RC3, but they won't prevent testing on RC2 (you can turn decorators off).  The main one here is bug 28343.
There is an issue with the auto-build setting sometimes getting lost (34087) and getting a duplicate build button (34108), but these do no prevent testing either.

We are also aware of a PDE issue preventing self-hosting on GTK with SWT in source, but there is a workaround (see bugs 34128 and 34133).


Darin Wright/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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03/07/03 01:46 PM
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Go for RC2 from Debug & Ant.


Sonia Dimitrov/Ottawa/IBM@IBMCA
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03/07/2003 12:09 PM
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       Subject:        [eclipse-dev] [eclipse-build]Build I20030307 (Timestamp:  200303071024):Automated JUnit Testing complete.  All tests pass

Build I20030307 (Timestamp: 200303071024):  Automated JUnit testing is complete.  All tests pass
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