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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes - Mar 5, 2003

- 28 active PRs (only P3s), 2 remaining for RC2, 42 fixes released
  during RC2 cycle
- incorrect indexing suspicions got resolved
- fixed a rare scenario where the Java builder would scrub the entire
  project when building (need some direct edit of .classpath file to make
  output be project + shutdown/restart), also backported this fix into
  2.0.x stream.
- fixed deadlock scenarii where the JavaModel lock would compete with
  other locks (there should no longer be any 3rd party code invoked while
  the JavaModel lock got acquired)
- lowered memory requirement of search, so as to improve the
  out-of-the-box experience (in particular, default VM setting will
  succeed in finding the 4500 references to java.lang.String in JRE
  with attached sources).
- type hierarchy speed improvement over 2.1-M5 (was a speed regression)

- moved to Ant 1.5.2
- fixed 36 defects in fix pass (so far)

- fixed 53 defects in fix pass (so far)

Rel Eng:
- last week:
  - witched Automated tests to JRE 1.3.1 SR2 - trying to track down
    JDKs of same level
  - test framework workaround for bug 33664 (Ant change)
  - 2.0.3 builds
  - documenting build process.
  - CVSKTag type automated tests.
  - copyright test/tool investigation
- this week:
  - copyright updates and testing
  - 2.0.3 builds
  - documenting build.

- 9 bugs marked for RC2 (1 P2 and 2 P3 still open)

- 98 bugs marked for RC2 (7 P2 and 9 P3 still open)

MacOS X:
- worked with CORE on core.dll for MacOS X

- 29 RC2 bugs marked fixed
- 28 RC2 remain open
- should be able to close most of remaining RC2 bugs

Platform Text / JDT Text:
- 45 bugs marked RC2
- 9 P3 still open
- submitted bug fixes and further improvements of the editor to
  the Ant team

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