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Re: [eclipse-dev] Build from outside eclipse

The core.resources plugin contributes an Ant task called eclipes.incrementalBuild.  You can put this in an Ant build file and then launch the Ant file using eclipse -application org.eclipse.ant.core.antrunner (I think that's it).  Check the Ant doc in Eclipse for details.  This will start up eclipse and run an incremental build just like when you are running Eclipse with a UI.


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03/04/2003 08:01 AM
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Note that the JavaBuilder lives in JDT/Core which is headless code (no UI
prereq). So you could even run Eclipse in batch mode, whithout its UI
launched, and perform build activity. Alternatively, JDT/Core contributes
an Ant javac adapter that will allow to perform batch compilation, but it
will not allow you to use all classpath enhancements which are available
inside Eclipse (classpath variables, classpath containers, project
references, etc...).

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I'd like to build the Java files outside Eclipse every night.

I've been trying to use ant but with no success.

Is there a way to build the code outside eclipse, but
have it built in the exact same way as if it was built
inside (running) eclipse ?

I don't know how the "Java Builder" is set up in Eclipse,
but it would be nice if it was possible to call it from the


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