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[eclipse-dev] CVS File Types in Eclipse repository

A new automated tests has been added to the RelEng test suite.

This test makes sure that the files in the CVS repository are tagged with the correct type.  IE Binary vs. Text.  (-kb, -ko, -kkv in CVS speak).

Having files flagged as the correct type makes a big difference when comparing and merging changes, especially in doc files.

These tests will begin to run as part of the nightly build.  They will not be run on integration builds until after RC2 is shipped.

The Team UI in Eclipse provides for adjusting the CVS types on a per project basis, so fixing things up should not e a problem.

Currently the tool does not make a distinction between the two text types of -ko and -kkv.  Either are equally correct.

If you have files that are in error please take a minute to fix them.  If you believe we are expecting a file to be of the wrong type or have any questions please let me know.


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