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Re: [eclipse-dev] RC1 -- runtime classpath trouble

This is likely a know bug (regression) in RC1, fixed in the latest integration build -> Bug 32633.


Scott Stanchfield <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

02/27/2003 11:40 AM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] RC1 -- runtime classpath trouble

I just tried using RC1, and came across a classpath issue.

Using the same code and settings, I run an app under M5 and it's able to
find a class in a jar that's specified as a classpath variable.

Under RC1, I get a ClassNotFoundException.
(In both cases, the launcher for the app says "use the default
classpath" for the project.)

When I look at the package explorer in RC1, I see the jar the class
should be coming from as a referenced lib.

Any thoughts? Is there some new setting I need, or does this sound like
a bug?
-- Scott

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