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[eclipse-dev] Re: problems with reggie

 Seems to me it is up yours.
Ashamed to email from your company so you
thought you use a yahoo email account.
I really love the fact  you having read my message thinking I was going to
give you an answer from my hard work.
Actually I know exactly the cause and you look so stupid.
Most kindest regards,
Zahid Rahman

srinivasreddy_m@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
up ur ass..

--- objectworlds <objectworld6@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes I do know the answer.
networks is a funny thing!!!!!
it is really frustrating isn't it ?
Freeware doesn't provide support.

Best Regards,
A muslim who have been victimised by every hindu who had chance.
Enjoy the frustration or just give up like alot of
When I try to start JavaSpaces, reggie is not getting
started. The sequence of steps I invoke are
java -jar /usr/jini/lib/tools.jar -port 8081 -dir
/usr/jini/lib -verbose
rmid -J-Dsun.rmi.activation.execPolicy=none
java -jar  /usr/jini/lib/reggie.jar
/usr/jini/policy/policy.all /tmp/reggie_log public
java -jar  /usr/jini/lib/mahalo.jar
/usr/jini/policy/policy.all /tmp/mahalo_log public
java -jar
-Djava.rmi.server.codebase="" class=moz-txt-link-freetext href="http://eeb37:8081/outrigger-dl.jar">http://eeb37:8081/outrigger-dl.jar
/usr/jini/lib/transient-outrigger.jar public

After the last step, outrigger is getting started but
not reggie. I invoked LookupBrowser but no registrars
have been found. My CLASSPATH is

And my system's configuration is Solaris 2.8,
J2se1.4.0, JavaSpaces1.2.1. I appreciate if anybody
can help me in solving this problem.


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