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[eclipse-dev] Re: HelloWorld first plug-in

Hi Daniele,
 Just check if you have swt.jar and workbench.jar in your java build path of
 the project.
 You can add them by right clicking on the project and bringing the properties

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> Subject: [eclipse-dev] HelloWorld first plug-in
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> Hi,
> I installed the version 2.0 of Eclipse and I'm triing to realize my first plug-in, using the instructions of Platform Plug-in Developer Guide (Simple plug-in example). 
> When I write the code of the HelloWorldView class I get this errors:
> The import org.eclipse.swt cannot be solved.
> The import org.eclipse.ui cannot be solved.
> Please, can you tell me how I can resolve this problems?
> Thank you,
> Daniele

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