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Re: [eclipse-dev] Problem with PDE laucnhing in latest integration build (I20030122)

Regardless of the actual build, we are interested to find out if this is a
'user error' or a genuine bug in PDE, in which case we are naturally
interested in fixing it :-).


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It seems that the problem is related to how I set up my workspace and not
I20030122 in general. Reverting to a previous build known to be good did
not fix the problem which indicates to me that it is probably the workspace

Sorry for the noise

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In the latest integration build, I can't seem to get the PDU launcher to
use the code in my workspace (i.e. the dugger shows the code in the
workspace but the evaluation results match the previous code). I was
wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I did use a slightly
different approach to set up my workspace so it is possible that I've
stumbled on to a bug somewhere.


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