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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes Jan 22, 2002

Platform Text/JDT Text:
- bug fixing
- rework Java Editor Preference Pages
- refactoring of JDT Text painter infrastructure/overview rulers into Platform Text
- shipped PDE Manifest Editor outline page  to PDE team

- completed startup and most other performance work (there are still a couple
  localized performance issues that are currently being addressed)
- string externalization is up to date
- No remaining P1 bugs at time of writing (6 P2s)
- remaining M5 work will be to address bug backlog (and repond to any issues that come up)

- Java Spektrum article
- schema migration
- bug fixing
- enhanced Pull Up refactoring:
  - can add new members to pull up after the refactoring dialog appears
  - members can be pulled up more than 1 level in the class hierarchy
  - instead of pulling methods up you can choose to declare them abstract in the destination class
  - can compute the set of all members that are required to be pulled up together
- started work on Pull Down refactoring
- type hierarchy supports sorting by defined type
- show qualified type names in type hierarchy
- type hierarchy honors visibility (doesn't update when not visible)
- generate Javadoc available from Project menu
- adapted Jar Exporter to build path exclusion filters
- search performance improved
- separate ToDo preference page
- working with JDT Debug on MacOS X launcher issues

- schema migration
- bug fixing
- search performance improved

- last week:
  - Tag and Release plug-in
  - Chkpii automated test
  - drive space clean up custom ant task for pre-build
  - enabling FTP downloads on
  - completed build process doc
  - working towards schema doc generation in builds
- upcoming:
  - bringing GTK automated test on-line
  - enabling FTP downloads on  (follow up with infra on their part)
  - working towards schema doc generation in builds (complete)
  - more RelEng plug-in work.  Possibly a .map file to working set generator
    or a .map file compare that shows you differences in the referenced plug-ins.
  - changes in the way the backup download server is kept in sync with the primary

- Bug report update:
  - 1 open P1 - believe that it is a non-issue. Awaiting word from customer before closing.
  - 19 open P2 bugs/enhancements
  - 17 open bugs/enhancments marked as "performance"
- PDE-Build:
  - continued work
  - goal is to release some of the new feature work for M5
- flexible project structure dynamic team:
  - reviewed UI week of Jan. 13
  - found several corner cases in Core API
  - noted UI useability improvements
  - logged several bugs
  - many bugs fixed for I20030121
  - no major risk items for M5

Platform UI:
- progress on M5 plan items:
  - final revision of key bindings UI expected for next integration build
  - added support for read-only tasks in Tasks view (bug 24212), however the readOnly
    attribute definition should be pushed down to Core (29412)
  - improved consistency of working set UI (more like JDT) - Done (was done in early Jan)
  - improved support for conditional contributions to context menus - Done
  - improvements to editor management - will not be done -- need to focus on defects
    rather than new features
- other items:
  - Linked Resources:
    - figuring out all the strange permutations (changing between folder and file,
      handling undefined path variables, shared locations, etc)
    - bugs filed against Core, UI and JDT; good progress on fixing UI bugs

- bug status:
  - 61 open ones,
  - 18 unresolved but tag as 2.1M5 (1P2-build Java cycles, rest is P3s)
- added compiler optional problem to signal unused private members
- code assist provide keyword completions
- changes got released into compiler wrt innerclass emulation, which
  may alter existing serialization computed IDs (if one did serialize
  object against output from a previous compiler drop). This only
  affects serialized instances of local types.
- ongoing:
  - build with cycles
  - extension point schemas got contributed to HEAD
- issues:
  - 29412: platform/core - need a "readOnly" attribute on IMarker
    (declared for task markers).
  - 29707: platform/core - Recursive build structure due to
    linked resources

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