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RE: [eclipse-dev] HOT LOADING of JARS

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  Thanks for your interest.
  Please notice the word microkernel.  The word "server" scares a lot of people, put please don't think of it as a beast -- it isn't.  The JBoss microkernel is, AFAIK, the JMX server implementation and that's it.  Some client-side products have success with embedded web-servers for help systems and the like.  A JMX server is a lot smaller than that!
  If you try to write this feature from scratch, you are going to discover that Classloading is a major pain.  Lots of things that seem simple on the surface end up being very complicated (the Java equivalent of dll hell).  The JBoss microkernel has road-tested and overcome the issues for you -- why not reuse instead of rewrite (It's the Open Source way)? 
> Do you know how it works? 
  I know more than some, less than others ;) .  I'm working on the persistence engine for the server configuration (JMX) right now...  I also know enough to think that Eclipse's plugin architecture and the JBoss microkernel are strikingly similar in functional requirements / intent.  They really should be borrowing from each other.
> Could just that piece be incorporated?
  Everything in JBoss is a module (like Eclipse), so you can break off and use what you want.  The JMX server is the glue that binds it all together.  Above and beyond that, it's open source -- take the code that you want, or don't...
  The bottom line is that there is a clear functional overlap between these two projects.  The common ground is the loading and configuration of application components (plugins, modules, whatever you want to call them).  JBoss is a "server-side" application container.  Eclipse can be seen as a "client-side" application container.  In the middle, you have just an application container, which, IMHO, should be shared by both projects.
  - Matt
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Subject: RE: [eclipse-dev] HOT LOADING of JARS

This seems like overkill just for hot loading of plugins. Do you know how it works? Could just that piece be incorporated?
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From: Matt Munz [mailto:mmunz@xxxxxxxxxx]
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  I don't know of a workaround, but, as I have mentioned on this list before, the JBoss microkernel supports this behavior for server-side plugins/modules.  If this (Open Source) application was integrated with Eclipse, your problem would be solved.  As a bonus, Eclipse could become JMX-enabled, allowing for all sorts of other interesting functionality.
  - Matt 

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