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[eclipse-dev] Additional integration directions?

I don't know if this is the right place for such vague feature
proposals, but here they are:

One of the things that I like about eclipse is the integration
between debugging, editing, and testing, so that I can get from
exception stack trace to source line, etc.

But, this could be carried further.  It-would-be-nice to be able to deal
with sets of tests, and with code coverage information, so that (say)
you could know which tests were likely to be perturbed by your deltas
from the CVS ancestors.  Or, you could be taken to code that had failed
to be executed by any of the tests, and attempt to devise new tests.

Fault injection in a system test is another route that would be interesting,
though I'm not quite sure what the interface to that would be (essentially,
the fault injector would player-piano the debugger forward to a place
where you wanted to trash a parameter to a method to see if it was
dealt with properly).

Something like bugzilla integration would be interesting.  If you were
organized enough (and the intent is to encourage such organization)
you would often have a test case demonstrating thus-and-such a bug
(not all bugs come with clean reproducible packages, but many do).  It
would be nice if the bug could somehow be tied directly to that test;
double-click on some URL in your browser, and Eclipse (listening on a
suitable port, perhaps) offers you the option to run that test.

hope this helps,

David Chase

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