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[eclipse-dev] NLS Errors (CHKPII) in the Nightly build.

Hi folks,

RelEng has added an NLS suitability test to our automated tests suites.  This test checks *.html, *.properties and *.xml files for suitability for translation.  When there are problems they will show up as a test failure in the org.eclipse.releng automated test suite.  The errors themselves will be contained in log files linked off the test results page for the builds.

Eclipse is committed to having the NLS tests pass by M5.  However fixing them earlier rather than later would be better.  Especially since NLS errors  show up as regular test failures so we can not get green checks on a build while there are NLS errors.

The tests ran for the first time with this weekends nightly builds.  Not surprisingly there are errors.  Could each time please check the test results page and take a look at fixing these errors for tomorrows integration build.

If you find a file in the chkpii .log that we should be ignoring please send us email and we will adjust the tests.

For now we are not checking the HTML files in the doc directories as doc does not have to be ready for M5.  The plan is to start testing the doc directory as soon as we get this initial batch of errors cleaned up.

Thanks and sorry for the short notice.  Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


Here is a link to the last nights test results.

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