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Re: [eclipse-dev] Loading Problem

Ok.  Finally found the .log file. ;-)  

I have found that the PHP plugin is running into a Parser error and is causing
an exception to occur, which shuts down the whole Eclipse process.  Oh what fun...

Hope noone spent too much brain power on this.  Now, are there any ideas on how
to keep a plugin from blowing up the platform?
Scott Carr
Documentation Maintainer

Quoting Scott Carr <scarr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I am running Eclipse on a WIN2k system.  I have been using it extensively. 
> For
> some reason, now when I try to go into the app, the javaw process starts for
> a
> little while, stays around 97% cpu, and then disappears.
> What is the class file to run from the command line so I can see what is
> going on?
> Thanks.
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> Scott Carr
> Documentation Maintainer
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