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Re: [eclipse-dev] New tool for updating *.map files

Man Daniel,

You really have a hate on for the project nature and builder on org.eclipse.releng <grin>

I am leaving the nature and builder on the project for now since I have a couple of builder ideas that may appear in the very near future.  


Daniel Megert <daniel_megert@xxxxxxxxxx>
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01/16/2003 05:23 AM
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since the new plug-in (version) deactivates the map file validation is the
registered builder ( in
org.eclipse.releng still needed?


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RelEng has released a new plug-in to automated map file updates.

This plug-in adds a "Release..." action to the Team menu.  When you
"Release..." your project(s) the plug-in will tag your project(s) as a
specified version AND update the corresponding *.map file entries.

You must have the map files loaded in your workspace and you must still
release the map file changes to the repository.

This plug-in deactivates the map file validation since it is no longer

The plug-in can be found at:

I hope you enjoy it.  Please send any feedback my way.


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