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Re: [eclipse-dev] Specifying Source Code Path

If you are using a M4 build, then you can create linked folders to achieve

Select your project, and then choose 'New folder'. In the folder creation
wizard, you'll notice an 'Advanced' button, which enables
the possibility to link this folder to your external source directory. Also
note that it would also support linking to any arbitrary location
(including resources of other projects).

Then you can use this linked folder as a source folder when constructing
your project Java build path.

"Ross Bleakney" <rossbleakney@xxxxxxxxxxx> on 01/12/2003
03:02:50 AM

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Subject:    [eclipse-dev] Specifying Source Code Path

I have created a project, but I would like it to use source code that
in a completely different directory. I don't want to copy (or import) the
code. How can I tell Eclipse to use the source code that is not in a
subdirectory of the project folder?

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