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[eclipse-dev] Map File Verifier Plug-in. Eclipse contributors please use.

Hi folks,

I have just made available a Map File Verifier plug-in.  If you have this plug-in installed, when you save a *.map file the plug-in will verify that the plug-ins and version tags referenced by the map file actually exist in the CVS repository.

If you run this plug-in you can make sure that you will not break the build by placing a typo in the *.map file.  Naturally, you will have to Tag your projects in the repository before editing the Map file.  I strongly encourage all commiters to download and install this plug-in.

The plug-in can be found at:

Simply unzip it into your plug-in directory and restart Eclipse.

Please send me some feedback.  I think our next plug-in will be a "Tag and release configuration" menu option that will Tag a project as a version and then automatically update the map file.  (Of course that will make this plug-in obsolete but what do you do).


I did not implement the FullBuild since FullBuild is called when you load the org.eclipse.releng project into your workspace.  Verifying all the Map files against the repository takes too long.  (As a side effect, the first *.map file save after you install the .plug-in will not run the builder).


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