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Re: Re: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse DRAFT 2.2 Plan

>I can only speak for our components but I believe we tag all the bugs with
>a target Milestone, you should be able to run a query.
>Actually if you create the queries I believe Eclipse community would enjoy
>having them


Hi Chris,

Yes, I agree all the bugs are targetted, but putting them explicitly in the
plan, helps people understand exactly what each high level item in the
draft mean specifically in terms of what work that involves.

So for example, the item in the plan:

"Improve Serviceability",

If we list all the target bugs under this particular category then we now
which bugs/features are for which category and thus make statements like,
"do these bugs fufill this item sufficiently", if not, maybe we need to
open more bugs in this category to fufill this mandate, or probably even
reject bugs under this category.  Also, once the draft plan is approved,
then we can all know which bugs are committed and must be fixed/delievered.

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