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[eclipse-dev] [ANNOUNCE] Struts Training in NYC and DC in January

Increase Your Struts Productivity - Attend the BaseBeans Public Struts

We have a 11 hour public class in DC and in NYC in January.

Washington DC Class -- January 18th 2003
NYC Class  -- January 24th 2003

This class is taught by baseBeans Engineering, the company voted to have the
best hands on training class by JDJ for their "Fast Track to Struts" class.

Get your training from the #1 trainer with a money back guarantee!!!!

You will pay $50 to register and be billed the balance. Upon registration,
you will be shipped a CD that contains the tools needed for the class, such
as an IDE, App. Server, some sample working source code, Struts, etc.

Follow this link to register:

At the training, we will cover Struts, Java Server Faces, JDO, DAO,

A pre-requisite for attendance is some Struts knowledge or at least Servlet
and SQL knowledge. This class is targeted at tech leads. Bring your
questions and receive practical advice from the baseBeans team.

You can FedEx a check or a PO for the balance to BaseBeans.

Prior paid students and clients are free for this class, as always, but we
need to know you are coming.

Hope to see you there,


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