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[eclipse-dev] SWT C++ port

Hi friends,

I have posted this message on swt-platform-dev but I had no reply yet. First
of all, congratulations for the excellent work being done on Eclipse.

I have a question about SWT porting: is it allowed to port SWT itself to
C++? I mean write SWT in C++ instead of Java, are there legal issues?
If it is allowed, I'm very interested in making a port.

> Just curious: why do you see  a need for this?

Because I wouldn't like to bind my product to Java. At least, I wouldn't
like to bind it to a virtual machine. So I still consider using a Java
native compiler, but so far I haven't seen the performance I need in these

> And you want to implement SWT in C++ on all platforms?

I need it for Windows and Linux (GTK2). I really don't see this as a work
from scratch, because the SWT Java code already uses Win32 and GTK2 the same
way I would need for C++. So in my opinion, much of the work is really
Java -> C++ syntax porting

Thank you a lot for the attention.

Best regards,
Cesar Mello
ICQ 2009322

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