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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse Project 2.2 Draft Plan posted

The initial draft of the Eclipse 2.2 plan is available for review at

Plans do not materialize out of nowhere, nor are they entirely static. To
ensure the planning process is transparent and open, we post plans in an
embryonic form and will revise them regularly - as priorities are
clarified, and new feedback and resources become available. The plan
targets an April 2003 starting point and an early 1Q2004 completion date.
The 2.2 plan, like the ones before it, reflects a small number of big
ticket or high visibility items.  In this draft, all of the items are
marked as "proposed."  You'll notice that all uncommitted (proposed and
deferred) items in the 2.1 plan have been carried over to the 2.2 plan.  We
will revise the 2.1 plan early in the new year to definitively commit or
defer the remainder of the proposed items. When we do that, the 2.2 plan
will be updated accordingly.

Please send comments about this draft plan to the eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
developer mailing list.  We will be reviewing your feedback in the new

2002 has been a banner year for Eclipse; we have every reason to look
forward to an even better year in 2003.

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