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[eclipse-dev] Debugging Problem With M4

I have the final integration build that became M4 and I can't debug. I
first tried to debug a program in a really large app, but then saw the same
thing happen with a tiny app (only one class). I've tried both Run As>Java
Appliation and also Run... and setting everything up, but the result is the
same. The Debug perspective icon shows up in the left margin, but the
content area is empty; just grey. That's it. I can close the debug
perspective by right-clicking on it and selecting Close and the Java
perspective comes back, but now if I drop down a menu from the menu bar and
then dismiss it, the toolbar that was underneat never repaints. I can "wipe
out" my entire toolbar by opening and closing various menus. The only
apparent solution is to quit Eclipse and restart. 

This is on a Win2k box with 640 Mb RAM. Ideas?


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