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[eclipse-dev] Referencing generated source files from a separate project

I'm using Eclipse 2.0, and my project is structured such that all of my source is in one project, and the build copies the original source and the generated source (xdoclet) into a separate build project from which it then compiles.  When I am editing my source project, I would like for the built-in compiler-syntax checking mechanism to be able to understand that there are other source files (in the build project) that it should reference before declaring a syntax or compilation error.
Really, this only applies to my generated files.  I tried to reference the build project through my source project's properties, but when I go to add another source directory, it only allows me to add directories relative to my source project.
I would really appreciate any help that you could offer me in this regard.
Thanks, --
p.s. I emailed the group earlier from a different email account, so I don't think it went through.  I apologize if this gets duplicated somehow.

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