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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes Dec. 18, 2002

JDT Core:
- performance:

  - fixed unnecessary deltas triggering indexing on startup (due
   to binding classpath variable and containers)
 - reduced amount of parser/scanner created during type
   hierarchy computation
 - deferred to M5: early activation of initializers (during startup) and
   eager index consistency check (changes are fairly big, too close to M4)

- performance:

  - significantly reduced size of all types cache
 - fixed several resource leaks
 - migrated to use Lightweight Decorators for Error Ticks
     (Change had to be backed out due to threading issues)
- Build class path UI: tuned and now provides more assistance to the

  user when changing the build path.
- Support to contributing additional New Type wizards (there is now
 drop down for creating new types, initially the New Class and New

  Interface wizards are in this drop down).

- performance:

  - removed option to re-use Ant classloader (decreases Ant start-up
    performance, but avoids leaks)

Debug Platform:
- Fixed "flash" problem with "step over". Stack frames are "updated"

  rather than "refreshing" the tree (28383)
- Extended "only update when visible" to abstract debug view so all

  debug views inherit the behavior (however, the _expression_ view still
  updates when not visible, due to its architecture)

Java Debugger:
- Trying to resolve test failure
 - verified the feature works (suspend on compilation error)
 - restructured tests to not rely on auto-build

- Enhanced merge UI in synchronize view (still experimental needs to be

  enabled in the preferences)

Platform Text / JDT Text:
- performance:
 - faster opening of editors
 - fixed color resource leaks
- bug fixing:
 - changed smart home/end behavior
 - java doc editing behavior
 - browser style navigation behavior
 - go to last edit position behavior

(How did we deliver on our items for M4?)
- performance improvements: yes
  - several performance improvements were made, and we fixed several
    instances of eager plug-in activation
  - major improvement to Tasks view: fixed bogus refresh, plus got another
    2X, mainly by avoiding recreating MessageFormats
  - were not able to fix the activation of debug and external tools due to
    the use of plugin pulldown to get their submenus; will investigate better
    solution for M5
- P1/P2 PRs: partial
  - progress made, but still many P2s
- improvements to editor management: partial
  - provided drop-down, replacing editors dialog (button in tab area is
    optional and off by default, but Ctrl+Shift+W always triggers it)
  - pref for tab compression
  - editors view
  - did not do multiple rows of tabs, or pref for number of tabs visible
  - will revisit editor management for M5
- refinement of UI for key bindings: yes
- UI changes for flexible project structure: yes
- improvements to ordering and stability of action sets: partial
  - improved stability, but no new mechanisms for ordering
- pref to bring Tasks view to front when new problems found: yes
  - on by default
  - checks for errors and warnings, but not infos or tasks
  - does not take focus
- experimental: TOC in wizards: partial
  - prototype closer to Linda's storyboard, but still needs work
- experimental: lazy update of views: yes
  - now have hidden/visible callbacks

- Mac:
  - Side stream carbon_work merged with HEAD - Mac build for M4 now contains
    the latest SWT development.
  - See "What's New in M4" for list of changes.
- DBCS work:
  - New API for font was released.
    - Font constructor that takes an array of FontData
    - already in use in StyledText and UI Plug-in
- GTK:
  - context menus in subclasses of Canvas have a new entry to change IM
    (input method)
  - DBCS works except for two outstanding bugs in underlying GTK natives: // Fixed in latest GTK // Not yet fixed
- Motif:
  - default button works with IM (input method)
  - en_US.UTF-8 now supported
  - minimized the use of XCreateFontSet on AIX/Japanese for improved performance

Rel Eng:
- Finish roll out of public build mechanism.
- Documentation work on above.
- Eclipse build automated tests.
- Producing M4 builds

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