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Re: [eclipse-dev] Problems with testing last nights M4 rebuild

Yes the network problems prevented the build from being posted to the external mirror.  I restarted the mirroring process about an hour ago and it is still pushing the drops to the server.

We had investigated writing a tool that would mail a message when the builds where finally mirrored to the external server but put that project on hold when we found out we where relocating the external servers to Ottawa.

Once the "real" download server is here in Ottawa there will be no delay between when the builds are complete and when they are available to everyone internally and externally.  The servers are in place but we are still waiting for our high(er) speed lines to be installed.  Turns out servers up about 450 gigaBYTES of data a day. There is no way our current corporate internet connection can handle that <g>


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12/18/2002 09:23 AM
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Is there the possibility of sending an email when the build is available on
the external web page.
I20021217 cannot be seen externally. Is this because of the networking


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Problems with
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Some of you may have noticed that last nights rebuild had tests that did
not finish (DNF).

This was a result of network connectivity problems last night. Lots of
computers at this end of the building lost their network connections.
This happened earlier the day as well and our IT people are looking into
the problem.

I am re-running the tests now, not the build, just the tests.

I believe you should take the latest integration build and sanity check it,
especially those teams that released code to the rebuild.

I will send mail as soon as I have the re-test results. This should be in
60 - 90 minutes.


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