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[eclipse-dev] Planning Meeting Notes Dec. 11, 2002

The content for this message is now contributed by the individuals who
attend the meeting, rather than being recorded by me. Hopefully, that will
get rid of a layer of mis-transcription errors.


-----------cut here------------------------------

- performance:
  - improvements to working sets (no longer triggers JDT for Java working
sets on
    startup, only when needed)
  - Task list performance improvements ongoing
  - won't be able to delay activation of plugins using drop-downs in menus
    external tools)
    - recommend that these plug-ins to minimize their startup time
    - will investigate a better solution for M5 (allowing plugins to
add/remove items to
      an action set dynamically, and have the workbench remember them)
  - will add debug option for console output of view/editor/perspective
creation time and
    workbench state restoration time
- on track for M4, despite various people being sick / ice-stormed out over
  last week

- CVS decorators were modifed to use new light weight decorators and
optimizations to
  dirty status determination were added (in I20021210)
- currently working on reducing space usage of sync info caching (to be in

- performance:
  - Markers: The mechanism to find markers in the workspace has been
improved 12X. Not
    released into the build yet but will be in M4.
  - Registry Strings: Continued investigation into reducing the number of
strings in
  - Visitor investigation: Investigation into applying some of the same
strategies from
    #findMarkers to the visitor mechanism. Not for M4.
  - Class Loader: as described to the eclipse-dev mailing list, the package
prefix mark
    up for improved class loading is available in the plugin.xml file.
Plug-in owners
    should take the time to ammend their appropriate plugin.xml files.
- Copy history: When you copy/move a resource, its local history is now
  copied with it to the destination. This is done by default. A typical use
  case would be to create a Java file and work on it for a while (thus
  creating local history), then use refactoring to move the file (rename
  move it to another package/project, etc) and the old local history should
  still be available to the new Java element.

Platform Text / JDT Text:
- performance:
  - faster reading of file contents
  - faster drawing of vertical rulers
  - improved revealing of text selection
  - fixed several memory leaks
  - faster smart pasting of large portions of text
  - faster JavaDoc hover for preformatted text
- features:
  - hover in Java editor overview ruler based on annotation hover
  - automatic defolding when modifying folded regions
- bug fixing

- performance:
  - error tick updating: migrating to use the workbench provided
  - package explorer: speed-up in creation and restoring the UI state
  - working on reducing the all types cache footprint
- enhanced build class path UI with support for exclusion and output
  folders per source folder

- text merge UI improvements

- support for classpath per launch configuration
- Ant view has toolbars in each subview (scripts and active targets)
- completed migration of external tool builders to use launch config
- bug fixes

- performance:
  - fixed several lazy loading bugs (waiting on fix for 27360)
  - improved stepping performance
  - console: bounded buffer size
  - variables view only refreshed when visible

JDT Core:
- performance:
  - working on making the indexing more lazy (goal is to get it in for M4)
  - open of Java files improvements
  - source is attached lazily to JARs

- Mac port is proceeding well.

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