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Re: [eclipse-dev] Classloading enhancements

The original numbers were between 10% and 20% improvement in startup times
if all the plug-ins took advantage of this feature and included the
prefixes in their plugin.xml files.


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This is a super cool feature!  Do you have any metrics on the performance
improvement?  I suspect it is rather large.



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Classloading enhancements

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In today's integration build some new class loading enhancements were

What does it do?
Similar to the file which was released for 2.0.2,
plug-ins are now able to specify the package prefixes for the code which
their plug-in contributes.

What do I have to do?
Add the <packages prefixes=".."...> lines to your plugin.xml file for each
library you declare in your plug-in. For instance, the Xerces plug-in
declares 2 libraries and its plugin.xml file will look like:

    <library name="xmlParserAPIs.jar">
      <export name="*"/>
      <packages prefixes="javax.xml,org.w3c.dom,org.xml.sax"/>
    <library name="xercesImpl.jar">
      <export name="*"/>
      <packages prefixes="org.apache,org.w3c.dom"/>

How do I know what prefixes to use?
Look at the attached file for hints for most of the
plug-ins which are included in the SDK.

It doesn't work, what do I do?
See the "Troubleshooting" section of the readme file to enable your
plug-in's code and enter a bugzilla bug report against Platform/Core.

Attached Files:
---------------------- for hints on package prefixes
(See attached file:

readme file


(See attached file: prefixes.html)

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