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Re: [eclipse-dev] Classloading enhancements

Let me add that those of you that use PDE manifest editor GUI pages can add
package prefixes the following way:

1) Open the plugin.xml file
2) Switch to 'Runtime' page
3) Expand the 'Package Prefixes' section (collapsed by default)
4) For each library define in the 'Run-time Libraries' section:
     4a) Press the 'Add' button
     4b) Select the package from the list of choices (both real packages
and package fragments are offered)
5) Save

Note that PDE editors (still) reformat the file content. If you know about
it and don't work in the source view anyway, it doesn't matter. However, if
you care about your source layout, add the entries manually. We are
currently working on multi-page editors that are kinder to source.


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In today's integration build some new class loading enhancements were

What does it do?
Similar to the file which was released for 2.0.2,
plug-ins are now able to specify the package prefixes for the code which
their plug-in contributes.

What do I have to do?
Add the <packages prefixes=".."...> lines to your plugin.xml file for each
library you declare in your plug-in. For instance, the Xerces plug-in
declares 2 libraries and its plugin.xml file will look like:

    <library name="xmlParserAPIs.jar">
      <export name="*"/>
      <packages prefixes="javax.xml,org.w3c.dom,org.xml.sax"/>
    <library name="xercesImpl.jar">
      <export name="*"/>
      <packages prefixes="org.apache,org.w3c.dom"/>

How do I know what prefixes to use?
Look at the attached file for hints for most of the
plug-ins which are included in the SDK.

It doesn't work, what do I do?
See the "Troubleshooting" section of the readme file to enable your
plug-in's code and enter a bugzilla bug report against Platform/Core.

Attached Files:
---------------------- for hints on package prefixes
(See attached file:

readme file

(See attached file: prefixes.html)

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Dejan Glozic

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