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[eclipse-dev] Changing Update Core APIs

In case a recent post regarding Update Core APIs caused any concerns, here
is the clarification:

Update Core public classes and interfaces were shipped in 2.0 as 'interim
API' i.e. we made them public but with a disclaimer that they are in the
process of firming up and we could not promise we will not change them.
During the 2.1 development cycle, we received significant feedback on
Update component and we are now working on solidifying the API.

We will freeze the API and remove 'interim API' disclaimers in 2.1.
Starting from that release, Update Core will follow regular Eclipse API

Unlike classes and interfaces, feature.xml and site.xml DTDs were modified
only by adding new attributes to the existing elements. Due to the
implementation of XML parsers, these changes will not break the backward
compatibility with 2.0 files. All post-2.0 attributes passed to the
2.0.0-based Eclipse product will simply be ignored.


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
Manager, Eclipse Platform Components
IBM Canada Ltd.
Tel. 905 413-2745  T/L 969-2745
Fax. 905 413-4854

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