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Re: [eclipse-dev] JUnit PDE launcher fails to launch with the latest Integeration Build


do you still have this problem? If yes, can you provide additional
information (.log etc) in a bug report.
I've tried to reproduce it, but I can successfully run pde.junit.

The hint that this is the same problem that hit pde.ui is good since
has to mimic some structure (aka copying....) of pde.ui. However, in this
case this doesn't seem to be the problem.

There is a new version of pde.junit available on the web site, it protects
against a NullPointer
exception in the case of inconsistent workspaces, but I don't think that
this is the problem


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I am unable to get the PDE JUnit launcher to work with the latest
integration build (I20021204). Has anyone else seen this problem? If so, is
there a work around?

Michael Valenta

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