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Re: [eclipse-dev] Please hold off on using I20021203 (13:15)

This problem seems to be related to the use of a 1.4.1 vm.  Is anyone else
experiencing the same problem?

                      "Sonia Dimitrov"                                                                                           
                      <Sonia_Dimitrov@ot        To:       eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx                                                
            >                    cc:                                                                              
                      Sent by:                  Subject:  [eclipse-dev] Please hold off on using I20021203 (13:15)               
                      12/03/02 03:27 PM                                                                                          
                      Please respond to                                                                                          

This build fails to launch the eclipse executable on an old workspace.  The
Core team is investingating.


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