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[eclipse-dev] Warning: External tool migration tomorrow

The external tools plugin has been migrated to make use of the launch 
configuration framework. This means that tomorrow's integration build (and 
future builds) will migrate existing workspaces to the new framework. We've 
opted not to migrate existing "external tool configurations", but we will be 
migrating external tool project builders.

If you have a project that makes use of external tool project builders (Ant 
build files or external programs), I recommend backing up your workspace 
before migrating to tomorrow's build. Please test it carefully after 
migration and make sure everything is translated correctly. If there are any 
problems migrating your builders, please file bug reports against the 
Platform-Ant component.

Any questions about the new framework can be directed to the newsgroup or the 
platform-ant-dev mailing list.

- Jared

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