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Re: [eclipse-dev] Why this list is so slow...

Whatever they did, it seems to have worked out great. The lists are now faster 
than they've ever been. I'm seeing turnarounds of a couple minutes where I 
never saw anything faster than 10-15 minutes before.

Kudos to the mail gods. :-)

- Jared

On Tuesday 19 November 2002 10:08 am, Dean Roberts wrote:
> Over the last few days (at least) mail sent to this list has been
> experiencing delays of up to 40 minutes.  I have gone to the folks that
> take care of our mail server to try and figure out the problem.
> Apparently our mail server are bogged down by undeliverable mail.  They
> are currently working on cleaning up he mail servers.  Hopefully our turn
> around times will return to normal shortly.
> ...Dean...

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