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[eclipse-dev] Automated tests for Nightly build failed again

The automated tests failed tonight in the same manner they did last night.

Namely, the tests where still running on Windows but the CPU was maxed out and there where 35 javaw.exe processes on the machine.  Once again, the tests where in the middle of a Debug NestedEvalTest.

I closed the open debugger with the Eval Test in it and an interesting thing happened.  I got 35 of the javaw.exe error messages that we see periodically and are attributed to a JVM bug.  Clicking OK to each got rid of each of the 35 javaw processes that where hang around.  I have left the tests running and expect they will finish later today.  I would urge all the teams to look at the test results and try to rectify any errors in their test cases.

The night before last, we just left the Windows test box "hung" and in the middle of the day, the tests actually finished.  This is very strange.  However looking at the results on the web show that the debug tests started taking longer and longer once the EvalNestedTypeTests started.


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