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[eclipse-dev] Minutes from 11/03 planning meeting

Meeting notes 11/03

*** General ***

      -     Done. Developers felt that this release
            dragged on too long.

      - Milestone 3:

            We hope to declare success Friday morning.

      - Milestone 4:

            We will focus on performance in this milestone.

            Jeff will lead the effort and he will get support from
            one person from each component team.

            In support of this effort, please do not forgot to tag
            performance related bugs with the "performance" keyword
            in Bugzilla.

            Make sure your milestone plans are up to date

      - Milestone 5: is planned for February 7th.

*** Status ***

Dynamic Team: Flexible Project Structure
      -     Support for linked resources is in M3, but
            it isn't yet surfaced in the UI
      -     Support for path variables is in M3
      -     To be done: delta notification refinements

Dynamic Team: Circular Dependencies
      -     New API for computing build order is in M3

Dynamic Team: Key Bindings
      -     1st cut of configurable key bindings is in M3

      -     Plugin search is in M3
      -     Progress on fixes/improvements in the
            schema editor


      -     Improved integration of web browsing with install/update


      -     Working set support in help search


      -     Support for working sets in the repository view
      -     Progress on resolving the SSH2 client support


      -     Mac port will be published for M3 again.
            The widgets are OK but there are problems
            in other areas.

      -     Performance/footprint analysis tools will be made
            available next week.
      -     Started to work on a document on Eclipse
            performance Bloopers. Contributions/confessions
            to the collection are welcome.

      -     selectivity API (exclude resources in source folders)
            is in M3
      -     support for multiple output folders
      -     JavaBuilder walks the resource tree (required
            for flexible project structure)
      -     improved code assist smartness

      -     support for web browser style navigation from source (CTRL+
move mouse)
      -     progress on presenting logical packages
      -     user configurable hovering behaviour for Java Editor
      -     smart paste
      -     upgraded JUnit support to version 3.8.1

      -     instruction pointer support

Ant/External Tools
      -     migrated infrastructure for external tools
            to launch configuration support provided
            by platform Debug.


      -     Worked with JDT team to fix editor leaks
      -     UI to customize key bindings is in. UI needs refinement
      -     Experimented with improved editor management UI.
      -     Working on flexible project layout
      -     Improved decorator performace.
      -     Fixed many defects for this milestone. Did not get all of the
P2 however.
      -     Floating views line item will not be complete for this
      -     Syncronize support added to resource navigator.
      -     UI is using API for handling circular dependencies. Need to
review UI implications.


      - 2.0.2 went out
      - Created features for NL fragements
      - Support for sending automated emails from the builder is in and
will be turned
        on next week.

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