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Re: [eclipse-dev] (no subject)

Look at the README file that comes in the root of the SWT Examples plugin
or check out the SWT FAQ entry:

                      "Amod Bhate"                                                                                                                
                      <amodb@xxxxxxxxxx>         To:      <eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>                                                               
                      Sent by:                   cc:                                                                                              
                      eclipse-dev-admin@         Subject: [eclipse-dev] (no subject)                                                              
                      18/11/2002 04:59                                                                                                            
                      Please respond to                                                                                                           


I have downloaded SWT examples and its help says that workbench will report
that updates have been detected; accept them. But after the download it
didn't ask me and I manually imported those as plug-ins and now non of the
examples are working..

What should I do?



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