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[eclipse-dev] Mac OS X: Good News/Bad News

As many of you know, the Mac OS X version of Eclipse stopped being posted
Oct 12.  This was so that we could make massive changes without impacting
our users.  These changes include improved clipping/z-order, Core 
more native widgets like Table and Tree, and general 
improvements.  Our goal was to have the Mac OS X builds back on line by 
We failed.  However, we realise that users are keen to get the latest
updates from Eclipse and the SWT component is only one part of that.
Therefore, we have reverted the Mac OS X SWT component to its M1 state +
patches and made this available for download (and in HEAD) along with the
latest Eclipse components.

Sorry to disappoint those who were looking for huge improvements in SWT.  
are proceeding full tilt with our work in a side stream (probably what we
should have done from the beginning) and we will release the new code as
soon as it is ready (really!).  Rest assured the Mac OS X port is still 
of the most important items for Eclipse.

SWT Team

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