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Re: [eclipse-dev] Status of M3 Candidate

Note that we just reposted a better version of the JDT/Core patch, see my
other mail from a couple minutes ago.
Our map file is updated with this latter version of the patch.

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Testing has turned up some significant problems with today's M3 candidate

JDT - Builder problem.  A patch for this has been mailed to this list.
SWT - Mac problems.  A patch for this will be mailed to this list shortly.

Two major problems are being investigated are:

SWT - GTK does not run.
ANT - "New" functionality proves unusable for SWT (and other) development.

As soon as fixes are found for these last two problems the patches should
be posted.  For testing you should apply the patches to today's build.

To make things a little easier there will be a rebuild tomorow at 8:00 am
EST that will incorporate the two patches that are already published *and*
possibly patches for the last two items, if patches become available

Please do not slip any other fixes into this build.  If the problem is not
bad enough to require a patch, it is not bad enough to go into the rebuild.

It is still intended that Thursday will involve further testing and fixing
and may result in a late Thursday build.


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