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Re: [eclipse-dev] JDT/Core - patch available

Issues listed below are now addressed. For those who can't wait until next
integration build, we have posted a patch for build 20021113. You can get
it at:

If you don't take the patch, you'll experience:
- full build after each startup (26044)
- incorrect stepping (yoyo behavior) when debugging message send with
implicit this receiver (26098)
- an obscure refresh problem in the package view if you play the SWT game
of manually changing the .classpath file (24517)

There were substantial changes on the JDT/Core front, near the end to allow
for classpath evolutions such as exclusion filters and multiple output
folder. Hopefully, we should be back to normal with this patch.

New version got contributed for next integration build (v_283).

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We have found a couple defects in JDT/Core, for which we will contribute
fixes in next integration build:

26044 Unexpected full builds        (REOPENED)
26098 Wrong line number attribute.
24517 type view does not notice when jar disappears

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