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[eclipse-dev] Changes in Eclipse build strategy

Hi folks,

The Eclipse development teams and RelEng team have come up with a new Eclipse build strategy that we hope will improve the quality of our weekly Integration builds.

In short every Tuesday the integration builds will be run until ALL automated tests pass.

Various automated and semi-automated emails will be sent to this list when

        1) A build starts
        2) If a build has an error during the build
        3) When the build is done and the automated tests have begun
        4) When the automated tests have completed.

It is up to the developers to check the test results page when the tests are done to see if they have any errors to fix.  (Eventually the automated message will carry some pay load as to which tests failed).

Nightly builds will not be re-run if they fail or have failing automated tests but email will be sent highlighting any problems that occurred.  If a team was using the nightly build to test a critical change they can request a rebuild of a nightly build.

Finally, the RelEng team will be compiling a score board web page so that we can see how poorly or how well we are delivery Eclipse builds.  I will send a link to the page when it is ready.

Remember there are now a couple of tools you can use to pre-validate your build submissions.  You can use the source builds to try building your new submissions and there is the automated tests framework.  The automated tests on the downloads page are the exact same automated tests that run as part of the build process.

Please let me know if there are questions, concerns, comments or rants.



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