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RE: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse rant

> > > 5) Concerning your 5.: You should try giving Eclipse more 
> > memory via 
> > >    -vmargs -Xmx... (see jre docs). Sounds like the Java 
> > garbage collection
> > >    is doing overtime.

> > Indeed I tried that with but still no-go, I cannot get it to swap 
> > it seems that whatever I do paging takes forever, even when I'm 
> > clearing RAM and giving some more residency to java.

> Do you have a virus checker running with "real time file protection"?

We have found this to be a real issue with the compiler/builder speed... 
not so much with incremental changes but with full builds.

Please always keep in mind that several things outside of Eclipse can 
affect your performance far more than a 20-50% improvement in a specific 
algorithm inside eclipse code... such as your  VM settings, your OS 
(especially virtual memory settings) & available RAM, plus any network 
traffic, as well as other applications running in the background.

Now if only I could turn off the virus checker anytime the builder wanted 
to write a few thousand .class files. ;)

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